Political Survey

In this survey, you are asked to give your opinion of a set of statements characterising political views. Please rate each statement on the scale given, which runs from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree".

For statistical purposes, please tell us where you live:

The following are a set of propositions. Tell us whether you agree with them, as they would apply to the country where you live.

Our armed forces shouldn't intervene in other countries, even to stop genocide.

Drug abuse is a problem primarily because of its effects on society, not its effects on drug users alone.

Nobody should be sacked for going on strike.

Sometimes interest rates should be raised to reduce inflation, even if doing so would cause a large number of job losses.

The government should raise revenue by taxing income rather than consumption.

No crime, however serious, should be punished by death.

There is a place for organised religion in government.

It's acceptable for a businessman to bribe a foreign official to complete a sale.

Economic globalisation will decrease inequality.

Members of society needn't be familiar with the history and traditions of our culture.

Companies should be free to pay their executives any salary, however large.

Children should always obey their parents.

Some art should receive government funding.

Officials like public prosecutors should be chosen by the government, not directly elected.

Our nation's history is not particularly glorious.

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