Political Survey

In this survey, you are asked to give your opinion of a set of statements characterising political views. Please rate each statement on the scale given, which runs from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree".

For statistical purposes, please tell us where you live:

The following are a set of propositions. Tell us whether you agree with them, as they would apply to the country where you live.

Large corporations are more important to the economy than small businesses.

There is a danger that some large corporations will become more powerful than governments.

Shared religious belief isn't an important part of our society.

No crime, however serious, should be punished by death.

Breaking the law is not always immoral.

The mix of minorities in public institutions should reflect their numbers in the general population.

Marijuana is a more dangerous drug than alcohol.

People of any ethnic group can be fully integrated into our society.

It's more important to make the poor richer than to decrease the gap between rich and poor.

We can't offer sanctuary to everyone who is fleeing persecution.

Some people should not have access to the Internet.

Sometimes schools should teach children things which contradict their parents' religious faith.

It is not necessary to ban narcotics to protect society from drug abuse.

Dealing with nuisance crimes like petty vandalism makes serious crime less likely.

Overall, economic migrants bring benefits to our country.

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