Political Survey

In this survey, you are asked to give your opinion of a set of statements characterising political views. Please rate each statement on the scale given, which runs from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree".

For statistical purposes, please tell us where you live:

The following are a set of propositions. Tell us whether you agree with them, as they would apply to the country where you live.

Having individual local representatives is more important than electing parties in exact proportion to their support.

Officials like public prosecutors should be directly elected rather than chosen by the government.

Sometimes the only way to make a legitimate point of view heard is to break the law.

We should offer sanctuary to anybody fleeing persecution.

It's acceptable for a businessman to bribe a foreign official to complete a sale.

Nobody bears a moral responsibility for actions of their government if they don't support them.

The government should raise revenue by taxing income rather than consumption.

Laziness is not immoral.

Workers in the public sector should be paid as much as those doing similar jobs in private industry.

Everyone should stand up for the National Anthem.

Sometimes international agreements should override national law.

People who refuse to work should run the risk of going hungry.

New roads and railways should be built by the government, not private companies.

The government should subsidise farmers so that they stay in business, even if it would be cheaper to buy food from abroad.

In the right circumstances, cutting taxes can increase government revenue.

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