Political Survey: Privacy Statement

When you complete the survey, the site records the following information:

Our web logs also record any referring page information which your browser sends. This information is retained for about a month, is not used in the analysis, and will not be made publicly available.

Because this survey is designed to be open, we will give out to others enough data for them to verify the results. This will be a subset of the above information, as follows:

Time, date and IP address information will not be given out.

This data and the code used to process it is available from the internals page.

This site does not use cookies and does not attempt to track repeat visitors.

Linking to this site

You may want to display your results from the survey on your web page or web log. If you want to display the scatter plot of your position, you can do so either by linking to it directly, or by copying it to your own server and linking it from there. Either is fine by us, but note that if you link to the image on our server, you are giving away enough information for others to see your detailed response page, because the address of the results graph contains your "survey ID", which can be used to find your results page. If you do not wish to allow others to see your detailed results, you should copy the image rather than linking it.

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