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ALL NEW! Political Survey Why not take my all new political survey, based on actual opinion poll results from a balanced sample of the British population, at http://www.politicalsurvey2005.com/?

This is an attempt to build an open and unbiased way to measure peoples' political outlooks. There's some information on the rationale behind the survey, which might be of interest. Many questions are answered on the frequently-asked questions page.

Alternatively, just take the survey.



We now have over three hundred and fifty results from the survey, and the axes on which we intend to plot answers are quite well defined. You can now do the survey and see your results, or return to the address you were given when you previously completed the survey, to find out where you lie.

You can read some more information about progress up to this point in these postings from my web log:

I'll write a bit more on this later.

Political Survey: an open, honest version of politicalcompass.org.
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